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Welcome everyone!

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Welcome, everyone! We are so glad to see you here and to get the MOOC started. 

I just wanted to kick off the MOOC and ask you to introduce yourselves. Also, it would be great to know what motivated you to enroll in the MOOC. Do you have any projects or objectives you want to achieve? If so, we would be glad to read you! 

Who knows, maybe you can meet some other attendants who can collaborate with you or help you 😀 

Since the MOOC is available in French and Spanish, we will be moderating this forum in English. Feel free to answer in French or Spanish if you don't feel comfortable writing in English and we'll translate for the rest.

Hope you have a nice week and hope to hear from you all soon! 

Début du sujet Posté : 13/09/2021 7:26
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Hi Floriana and everyone!

I’m Riad, project manager in Occitanie en scène and I coordinate the Pyrenart project.

Can’t wait to read you all ☺️


Posté : 13/09/2021 7:49
naibi esteban
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Bonjour à tous,

je voulais me connecter au premier cours d’aujourd’hui mais je n’arrive pas. Comment pourrais je faire?

merci beaucoup 

bien a vous


Posté : 20/09/2021 2:26
Oihane Zuazua Marmol
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Hello everyone! 

My name is Oihane, I'm a Cultural Manager currently working at the internationalization department of Last Tour, in Bilbao (Basque Country).

I just found out about this programme and didn't think twice at the idea of signing up for it! 

Hope we can learn a lot through this itinerary and from each other! 🙂

Posté : 30/09/2021 11:20
Membre Admin

Welcome Oihane! 

Thanks for joining. We also hope you get the most out of the MOOC and to hear your feedback soon.



Posté : 03/10/2021 11:59